Wood Flooring

Wood's beauty and allure fit in every setting

Wood Floor Options: Hardwood, Cork, and Bamboo


Valley Carpet One carries wood floor options such as hardwood, cork, and bamboo. Each has wood’s natural beauty, strength, and durability, so the good looks will last a long time. Plus, hardwood, cork, and bamboo are all hypoallergenic, so they will not trap dust, dirt, or other particles. The right wood floor can therefore be a beautiful, durable, and even healthy choice.

Hardwood is available in a solid or engineered construction. Solid hardwood is made from strips of genuine wood and nothing else. There are, for example, no special layers. Solid hardwood is made thick for durability and for refinishing. Engineered hardwood looks exactly like solid hardwood, but it is instead made from different wood layers. These layers are cross-directionally pressed for added strength and stability, so engineered hardwood is less likely to expand or contract.

For more distinguished looks, cork and bamboo may be better choices. Cork flooring has a unique cell structure that keeps the surface relatively soft and warm. As a result, cork flooring is comfortable underfoot and warm to the touch. The soft surface also handles wear well, and indents will either fully or partially recover. Whereas cork is softer than hardwood, bamboo flooring is actually harder. 

Bamboo has a strong and extra durable surface that can handle foot traffic, and it also is more dimensionally stable than hardwood. Bamboo is also noted for its unique patterns of dark bands and nodules.

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We carry wood flooring from brands such as Invincible, Rustic RiverHanover Hills, Armstrong, Shaw, and Teragren.

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