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You recently decided to renovate your family room. After going through all of the different flooring options, you settled on carpet because of its cushioning and durability. You visit the experts at Valley Carpet One, who help you pick one out that is more beautiful than the rest. Right away, you’re excited about the prospects, but then fear suddenly hits you. How am I going to install this thing? Don’t worry; let the pros handle carpet installation for you.

Our installers have years of experience and training, so they know exactly what it takes to ensure that your carpet is perfectly installed. For homes and other residences, we typically recommend the stretch-in method. With this method, carpet is laid out on the cushion and stretched with a power stretcher, which helps keep the carpet flat and tight to the floor. Once the carpet is stretched, it is attached to the tackless strips along the room’s perimeter, and everything is held into place.

Why do we recommend the stretch-in method? The method results in more comfort underfoot, improved acoustic properties in the room, increased thermal installation of the room, and, if at all necessary in the future, a lower removal cost. Also, it’s usually easier to match patterned carpet when the stretch-in method is used.

Carpet Restretching

If you already have carpet installed, you may notice that at some point it buckles or ripples. This might occur if the stretch-in method was used on an incline, in a high humidity area, or in an area with heavy rolling traffic. No matter the reason, our installers can fix the issue with carpet re-stretching. This requires the carpet to be re-installed and properly stretched using a power stretcher. It’s certainly worth noting that our installers are able to re-stretch carpet even if they weren’t the ones who performed the install in the first place.

Are you looking to install new carpet? Or, do you need your existing carpet re-stretched? Visit Valley Carpet One in Van Nuys, CA and let the pros take care of everything. We’ve been serving the San Fernando Valley for over 40 years, so we can solve any problem.

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