Armstrong Alterna

Natural stone looks with extra comfort and warmth

Advantages of Armstrong Alterna

Armstrong Alterna Van Nuys, CA

Stone, although it offers natural styles and designs that can add beauty to any setting, isn’t always the best choice for residential settings. It is exceptionally hard and often cold underfoot, and it’s also difficult to fix if any part of the surface is damaged. But, there is a solution for these issues: Armstrong Alterna. Alterna, which has a luxury vinyl construction, combines the looks of real stone with premium durability and comfort.

Alterna looks exactly like real stone, but it is made from synthetic materials rather than natural stone. This special construction means that Alterna is flexible, so it’s softer underfoot than stone and even wood for that matter. At the same time, Alterna is much warmer than stone; in fact, the surface is typically around 20 degrees warmer than stone’s surface! As a result, Alterna, when compared to real stone, is a much more comfortable flooring option.

This special construction not only makes Alterna more comfortable; it makes Alterna more durable as well. Alterna luxury vinyl tiles will not crack or chip like stone tiles, and the surface also resists stains without any necessary sealants.

Alterna vinyl tiles need to be installed using the glue down method. The tiles are glued to the subfloor with a special S-288 adhesive, so the installation is permanent.  Click here to learn more about this installation method.

Armstrong even offers its own grout to replicate real stone and ceramic tile installations. For extra comfort and sound absorption, be sure to install Armstrong’s Quiet Comfort Luxury Flooring Underlayment underneath the Alterna floor.

To learn more about Alterna, visit Valley Carpet One. We carry a great selection of Armstrong flooring options in our Van Nuys, CA showroom!